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Here's some outtakes from the shoot Paris Hilton. when The Paris Hilton, a foundation becomes a reality: Paris Hilton bikini and underwear photoshoot, pretty hot but it's blonde pictures - they always look hot wearing a bikini, lingerie, cow girl boots and hat, plus skimpy underwear. I Love You, Paris Hilton!

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Paris Hilton, bikini and underwear photoshoot!
Cute, sexy photos of Paris Hilton wearing a bikini, white panties, cowboy lingerie and beach thongs!

Paris_Hilton_beach_swimsuit1.jpg 3.1K

Paris_Hilton_black_underwear1.jpg 2.9K

Paris_Hilton_blue_bra_stockings1.jpg 3.2K

Paris_Hilton_cow_boy_cowboy_hat1.jpg 2.9K

Paris_Hilton_foundation_club1.jpg 3.2K

Paris_Hilton_green_bikini1.jpg 3.2K

Paris_Hilton_lingerie1.jpg 3.8K

Paris_Hilton_red_Panties1.jpg 2.9K

Paris_Hilton_tight_pants1.jpg 3.0K

Paris_Hilton_white_thong1.jpg 2.8K

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